Greenwood Farms Women's Day 2018

Well our first women's day was a resounding success. So many wonderful people to thank including those of you who attended. With the help of those who attended and those that donated on-line we managed to raise $10,000. What an amazing success! It certainly blew my goal of $5,000 out of the water! With great keynote speakers and workshop teachers it was easy to have a successful day. My husband Doug, my family and the husbands of my dearest of friends pitched in and silently worked in the background making sure I didn't have any worries. I dreamt of this day for so long I can't believe that it actually happened and that now three weeks has passed. I will treasure the comments, emails and messages I have since received, you will never know how much they mean to me. Now its time to start planning for October 5, 2019!!! See you there!!!

Nancy J. Plourde