Adding Flavour: Frozen Garlic Cubes

I love garlic. Besides the amazing heath benefits (boosts immune system, can reduce blood pressure, and can help detoxify heavy metals in the body) it tastes delicious. 

We grow many things on the family farm, up north and nothing is better then fresh garlic but it is definitely a hassle to peel and chop or cut garlic anytime I want to add it to a dish. This is my relatively quick recipe for making frozen garlic squares that all you need to do is pop out of the container anytime you want to add some serious flavour.

You will need 3 or more garlic bulbs, a splash of olive oil, a food processor, an ice cube tray and cling film. 

Peel all the garlic bulbs and pop them into the food processor with a splash of olive oil. (if you want less garlic in each square add more oil). Turn Food processor on high  for about 30 seconds or until there are no medium to large chunks but do not process it so much that that it is smooth. After its processed, scoop it into an ice cube tray, cover with cling film and freeze for 12-24 hours. You can then transfer it into ziplock bag or container and keep in the freezer until ready to use. 

I use these in roasts, soup, and when I'm cooking fish in a pan on the stove.

Nancy J. Plourde