Vietnamese Style Spring Rolls

With all the warm weather we have been seeing here in Toronto I though it was time for a nice like spring/summer recipie for a snack/light dinner.


1. Start by cutting all the Vegetables into relatively thin slices. I use lettuce, red pepper, cucumber, crab stick, and rice noodles.  I occasionally swap out the crab for tofu and add in carrot/broccoli slices.

2. Next boil some hot water and immerse the circle rice paper sheets for about 30 seconds. pull the sheet out of the water and lay flat. Start with the lettuce or soft leafy green then add your favourite fillings (excluding the meat/tofu). Place the meat/ tofu about and inch to and inch and a half above the rest of the fillings.

3. Fold over the sides like you would a burrito. Then roll the wrap starting with the bottom filling part.




4. Ta-da you have made the wrap. Now Just top it with some peanut sauce, thai wrap sauce or hoisin sauce! Enjoy!

Nancy J. Plourde